Welcome To Myles Teddywedgers
The Place to get a Real Meat N' Potatoes Meal
Ray's (Formally Myles) Teddywedgers Cornish Pasty sits at the corner of State and North Carroll. We are a great locations for both the University Students that frequent the area and the locals who are looking for am inexpensive but filling meal.

The pasties we sell here are made of a thick layer of pastry dough that holds any type of filling for a portable, hearty meal. While Teddywedgers offers a traditional take on the Cornish pasty, which is filled with ground beef, potato, and onion, we also offer creative choices for the more adventurous guest. These range from our filling breakfast pies to the Friday Special Salmon Pasty.


Myles Teddywedgers Madison WI
A Little of Our History
One morning in 1994 Raymond Johnson looked to his right and saw a small shop with a funny name, Myles Teddywedgers. It was that day that Raymond just happened to be in the right place at the right time, he was given a job there and started that same morning he walked in.

The original owner Miles Allen came from Linden Wisconsin, which was once a mining region that drew miners, also called teddy boys, from Cornwall, England, where the pasty originated. Miles' father had a restaurant that served pasties as weekly specials, originally called tater wedges. When Miles opened his restaurant in Madison he borrowed a little bit from both phrases, and created the name Teddywedgers.

Since becoming the full owner, Raymond has continued to make sure the little shop lives up to the reputation it has gained over the years. He has fresh and delicious breakfast pies for sale by 7:00am - earlier on farmer's market Saturdays - followed each day by a variety of filling lunch pasties.

Myles Teddywedgers | 101 State Street Madison, WI 53703 | (608) 257-2383